Fleet and Tariff
Call Taxi & Local Package   Min 4 Kms Additional km A/c
Omni Rs.100 Rs.15
Indica Rs.100 Rs.15
Indigo / Logan Rs.100 Rs.15
Tavera Rs.150 Rs.20
  Indica / Omni 4+1 Etios/Dzire/Logan / Indigo 4+1 Tavera / Sumo 9+1 Innova / Xylo 7+1 Tempo 12+1 Swaraj Mazta 15+1
  Non A/c A/c A/c Non A/c A/c A/c A/c Non A/c A/c
1 Hours / 10 Kms Rs.200 Rs.250 Rs.250 Rs.300 Rs.350 Rs.400 - -  
2 Hours / 15 Kms Rs.300 Rs.375 Rs.400 Rs.450 Rs.500 Rs.550 - -  
3 Hours / 30 Kms Rs.400 Rs.575 Rs.550 Rs.650 Rs.750 Rs.850 - -  
4 Hours / 40 Kms Rs.550 Rs.650 Rs.700 Rs.750 Rs.850 Rs.1000 - -  
5 Hours / 50 Kms Rs.650 Rs.775 Rs.850 Rs.850 Rs.950 Rs.1100 Rs.1500 Rs.1750 Rs.2000
6 Hours / 60 Kms Rs.750 Rs.900 Rs.1000 Rs.1000 Rs.1125 Rs.1300 Rs.1750 Rs.2000 Rs.2250
7 Hours / 70 Kms Rs.850 Rs.1025 Rs.1150 Rs.1200 Rs.1350 Rs.1500 Rs.2000 Rs.2250 Rs.2500
8 Hours / 80 Kms Rs.950 Rs.1150 Rs.1300 Rs.1350 Rs.1475 Rs.1700 - -  
9 Hours / 90 Kms Rs.1050 Rs.1275 Rs.1450 Rs.1500 Rs.1650 Rs.1900 - -  
10 Hours / 100 Kms Rs.1200 Rs.1400 Rs.1600 Rs.1700 Rs.1900 Rs.2200 Rs.3000 Rs.3250 Rs.4000
Add Hours Rs.100 Rs.125 Rs.150 Rs.150 Rs.175 Rs.250 Rs.250 Rs.350 Rs.350
Add Kms Rs.10 Rs.10 Rs.11 Rs.11 Rs.12 Rs.12 Rs.14 Rs.18 Rs.21

Out Station Tariff Details
  Indica Logan / Indigo / Etios Tavera / Sumo 9+1 Innova / Xylo 7+1 Tempo12+1 Swaraj Mazta 15+1
  Non A/c A/c Non A/c A/c Non A/c A/c Non A/c A/c A/c Non A/c A/c
Rate per Km Rs.7.50 Rs.8.50 Rs.8 Rs.9 Rs.9.50 Rs.10 nil Rs.12 Rs.14.00 Rs.18.00 Rs.21.00
Minimum Kms
per Day
225 225 225 225 250 250 250 250 250 250 250
Driver Bata
per Day
Rs.300 Rs.300 Rs.300 Rs.300 Rs.400 Rs.400 nil Rs.400 Rs.500 Rs.500 Rs.500
One Day Charge 12hrs Rs.1990 Rs.2220 Rs.2100 Rs.2325 Rs.2775 Rs.2900 nil Rs.3300 Rs.4000 Rs.5000 Rs.5750
Tirupathy Same Day up to 360km Rs.3300 Rs.3700 Rs.3500 Rs.3900 Rs.6400 Rs.6650 Rs.6700 Rs.6900 Rs.9000 nil nil
Tirupathy Next Day
up to 360km
Rs.4300 Rs.4700 Rs.4500 Rs.4900 Rs.8100 Rs.8350 Rs.8650 Rs.8900 Rs.11400 nil nil
Permit Charge  

Approximate Permit Charge, May Vary from time to time

nil nil
Andhra Pradesh Rs.300 Rs.300 Rs.300 Rs.300 Rs.2750 Rs.2750   Rs.2250 Rs.3600 Rs.3600  
Karnataka Rs.300 Rs.300 Rs.300 Rs.300 Rs.1400 Rs.1400   Rs.1400 Rs.3800 Rs.3600 Rs.3800
Pondy Rs.250 Rs.250 Rs.250 Rs.250 Rs.250 Rs.250   Rs.250 Rs.300 Rs.300 Rs.300

Note : Time and Kms will be calculated from shed to shed